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By Hannah Turnbull

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Self-mastery is not just about ethos. You must continue to discover what you really want.
They lied. They said if we went to school, played by their rules, and worked hard, we would be free.
We created personas for two reasons: to avoid pain and/or gain access to some sort of reward.
Would you be upset at a fish that could not climb a tree? Of course not, fish don’t climb trees!

Charles Schwartz

4.30 [141 Ratings]

Charles Schwartz is a wealth hacking consultant, speaker, angel investor, and coach. Best known for coaching entrepreneurs on how to retire, along with his Persona Shifting Workshops.

Charles' book, Who Changes Everything, is an insight to the powerful tool that allowed him to retire at 36, become a millionaire at 37, and be invited to lecture at Yale at 38.

Charles Schwartz


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An uncommon guide to getting you what you want, when you want it. From the guy who has been coaching entrepreneurs on how to retire for over a decade. This book will make you UNSTOPPABLE.

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Reviews By Readers

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Every new insight can save us a lot of time and money as people learn from others' mistakes and success. This book does the a very good job of that.

Csaba Toth

Mr. Schwartz lays out an easy to follow template that will have the reader correcting a lifetime of wrong-programming in days. The best biz/advice book I've read in a long time.

Steven J. Palange

I read a lot that is published these days, and most of it is nonsense, bloated, or just not practical in any useful way. The material in this book shifted my life dramatically, in very real, positive ways.

Kenton Knepper

If you have been looking for a tool to take your life to the next level, then get this book. Charles Schwartz is a hidden gem that is here to support anyone in making things happen.


This is not your typical self-help book. The idea of "who" is so simple, yet we ignore it because it's so difficult to be truthful and answer that question, "Who am I, really."


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